Nintendo 3DS – An In-Depth Review Of This Brand New Gaming Console

hqdefaultNintendo 3DS is a brand new handheld 3D gaming console from the ultra popular gaming giant Nintendo. Are you wondering whether to invest in this new gaming console? Why not give a try of all that it has to offer by using an emulator like the “emulador nintendo 3ds” on your PC. The biggest benefit of this emulator is that you can play all the popular games on the Nintendo 3DS without the hand held device. Yes you can play them right on your PC. Once you get the hang of these games, you can easily decide whether to shell out your pocket money to get the new gadget from Nintendo.

Naming gear has always been the Achilles heel for Nintendo. It created a messy naming with the Wii U and the very misleading 2DS. It continues this trend with the latest 3DS. Adding to the confusion is that there are two models of 3DS, the standard 3DS and the 3DS XL. So what’s the difference between these two models?

The standard 3DS sports exchangeable faceplates while the 3DS XL flaunts a larger screen. There is not much of a difference in appearance between these two versions when you look at them. This does not pose much of a problem for serious gamers who know their stuff inside out. However, for amateurs and parents who are looking to gift this new device for their kids, it poses a serious problem.

Design Features
Nintendo has retained the familiar clamshell shape of the console. There is a slight increase in the screen size. As an extra feature, Nintendo has added interchangeable nameplates. This adds the extra customization for the console. However, this feature is not present in the 3DS XL. If you wish to have that unique console, that no one else has, then interchangeable nameplates will attract you greatly. However if you are not worried about these extra gimmicks but want to enjoy your gaming then this feature surely won’t attract you.

Styles and Colors
The console is available in a wide range of colors and styles like the evergreen red and black and the classic blue and black combinations. However, there are also several new styles like the Pokemon based colors of pink, lime green and so on. There is even a galaxy inspired color palette.

Great New Changes
All the changes Nintendo has made to this console is so welcome and finally it feels like the console has reached near perfection. Features like extra control buttons and more power are all a welcome refresh.

Not so great features
The camera doesn’t function up to expectations and the name is quite misleading, especially for new entrants into the gaming arena.

Final Verdict
Despite these small drawbacks, the 3DS is a solid gaming console that is sure to keep gamers engaged. So get started and engage in hours of pure fun gaming. If you can’t get your hands on the console yet, then try the 3DS emulator to experience gaming that is as close to the real thing.

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