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Don’t Just Shield Your Head-Get Protection For Your Feet Too!

ariat-bootsDo you own or work in the construction field? Are you limiting the protective-gear you wear at work to just a hard-hat and a pair of goggles? Do you know that it is more common for workers at industrial and construction sites to get foot-injuries that could have been either avoided or its impact a bit lessened had they been wearing protective work-boots at the time? It is a known fact that on average there are 180,000 foot injuries that happen in the US per year. When you convert that figure into days, we get an astounding 500 cases per day! According to a study conducted by the medical professionals at these injuries could be avoided. Their results showed that people who wore ordinary footwear suffered more fractures than those whose feet were protected in the steel-toed work- boot.

Don’t take undue risks by not adopting appropriate protective-clothing while at work at high-accident prone sectors. Always buy high quality work-boots like the ones sold at online websites like work boot worx. Such work-boots are made from superior quality materials that are immensely vital to providing adequate and comprehensive all-round protection to those two feet of yours!

If you have understood the importance of incorporating a pair of work-boots as part of your protective gear, then this article will take you a step further and show you how to procure a pair of sturdy yet comfortable boots.

Let us look at some of the features that make up a good pair of work-boots first.

· Toe-guards: There are different types of toe guards made of materials such as steel, composite and aluminum. Steel toe-guards have always been the traditional choice. But they suffer from certain disadvantages like being heavier than the other types plus, they get hotter soon. Aluminum toe-guards help reducing the weight of the boots and offer more comfort. They are often found to be thicker than the steel toe-guards. Composite toe-guards are the best among the lot. They do not conduct heat and electricity as they are usually made with carbon fiber, plastic or Kevlar. They also have the added advantage of being yet another light-weight option.

· Soles: These are an important feature of work-boots. This is the factor most workers take into consideration while buying a pair of work-boots. Soles are usually made from high-quality, durable materials that promise resistance to slips and falls as well as insulation from heat and electricity. There are different types of soles available today- Rubber Outsoles, Thermo Poly Urethane (TPU)Outsoles, etc. Today, the preference is more for TPU soles as they are more long-lasting as well as more light-weight.

· Metatarsal Guards: These are vital to people who are employed in environments where fire and heat is a constant feature. Metatarsal guards help to protect the upper foot and toe area from heavy falling objects.

Once you have understood each of these components you can embark on the task of finding the best pair of work-boots that are most suited for the environment that you work in.